Sizing guide

To choose the correct size we advise you to download our Size Guide and follow the instructions.

When in doubt we recommend a larger number.

Sizing guide

If you know the length of your foot, add at least 5 mm. to it and choose the size according to the table.

Sizing chart

Here is a list of the measurements of the widths according to the sizes.

The Mínimas shape is significantly wider than most common footwear and it is not usually necessary to worry about the width measurement, but at the request of some clients we include information about the width of our footwear.

The measurement should be made from the widest point of the internal area to the widest point of the external area of the foot, it usually coincides with the line that joins the head of the first metatarsal with the fifth. That would be the widest surface of the template.

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Sizing width