We want to show you the projects we are working on. Some will see the light and others will not, partly it will depend on you. We present proposals and listen to your suggestions and opinions because it is for you who we work for.


Mínimas Sandal prototype

We present the prototype of our Mínimas Sandal.

It is a sandal that (unlike most of the existing models) does not have a central strap that arises from between the toes, but adjusts with a transverse strap, an alternative for all those who find this type of sandal uncomfortable. Designed for the summer time, it leaves the foot free while being well supported to walk without getting tired. The floor is 3.5 mm. rubber on which a 4 mm. EVA is mounted (7.5 mm. total thickness) with highly breathable black microfiber lining. It is totally flexible (it can be rolled up on itself), light (125 gms. in size 42, approximately), zero drop and with a natural shape to leave the toes free. The strips are 20 mm. wide: 70% recycled cotton + 30% hemp with velcro closure in three areas (front, instep and heel) for a good fit. We still need some modification to make and we do not know how to estimate a price yet.

Possible combinations

Ideas and suggestions

Below we leave you a space so you can express your ideas. Products that you would like us to be able to develop related to the improvement or dissemination of the health of our feet from the respect of our human nature. Minimal resources are minimal and may be out of reach, but sometimes dreams do come true.

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