Mínimas Sneaker Colours

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Functional footwear. Respect the shape and natural movement of your feet.

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Mínimas Sneaker are minimalist sports shoes, with a vintage touch

Mínimas Sneaker are inspired by the sneakers of the 70s, simple, versatile and very comfortable. We do not see the need to add unnecessary and expensive technologies to an engineering masterpiece such as our foot. Mínimas Sneaker have a vintage, colorful, fun and casual touch.

Minimalist or functional footwear respects the shape and natural movement of your feet, because we believe in a healthier footwear that respects our human nature. A shoe for your feet and not that your feet have to adapt to the shoe. We take care of the health of your feet avoiding malformations, improving proprioception and the balance of pressures avoiding decompensation of the spine.

Mínimas Sneaker Gris


Wide toe box: respect the shape of your foot, wider than conventional footwear.

Zero drop: flat, without difference between toe and heel, improve your proprioception and balance. It will be difficult for you to sprain your ankle.

Flexible: they allow the natural mobility of your feet, help the muscles to work without hindrance.

Lightweight: they do not hinder your steps, you can move faster and with less effort.

Sustainable: partly made from natural and recycled materials.

Unisex: the natural shape of our feet has no difference between the sexes.

Vegan: none of our materials have animal origin.

Made in Spain: we take advantage of the traditional and powerful national Spanish footwear industry. We work with shoe workshops located in Alicante. We seek to minimize the carbon footprint and collaborate with national commerce.

Handmade product: it is possible that there are differences or imperfections typical of a manual process.


Upper: 100% recycled PET, organic cotton and microfiber interior. Suede leather touch microfiber heel, toe and lace reinforcements.

Sole: 3 mm. of recycled tire + 2.5 mm. EVA.

Footbed: non-removable, 2.5 mm. EVA covered with microfiber.

Mínimas Sneaker Colors Materials

We seek to balance footwear that is respectful of our nature, respectful of the planet and at an affordable price for most.

Do not machine wash.

Approximate weight: 185 grams (size 42).

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