About Us

Who are we?

Some crazy people with the idea of making minimalist footwear, respectful of the natural shape and movement of our feet. Seeking to intercede as little as possible between its functionality and the terrain. Like going barefoot but protected and also stylish, away from extravagances and orthopedics. Our footwear is designed and manufactured in Spain. We believe in the value and quality of the Spanish footwear industry and in the smallest environmental footprint by manufacturing as closely as possible avoiding thousands of kilometers of transport.

Minimas production

Where we come from?

We come from suffering shoe lasts smaller than our feet. Of producing malformations such as bunions or claw toes, continuous ankle sprains, movement restriction, poor proprioception and balance and even back pain due to decompensation. We have assumed that foot pain and discomfort is normal. Also to use footwear that oppresses our feet, rigid that prevents the development of the musculature and the arch, with a heel that unbalances our back, heavy that weighs down our natural way of displacement of our species, which is walking and running. We come from learning that all that we have suffered does not have to be “normal” nor should we assume it as something that cannot be changed. It is possible to manufacture footwear that respects our human nature and be absolutely comfortable.

Where we go?

Towards a real revolution in the current footwear paradigm. A footwear that respects the nature of the human being and that does not sabotage our own essence by simple passing designs of fashion, by aesthetic clichés. We also want to provide a solution to all those who cannot accommodate standard lasts that are too narrow for their feet without having to go to monstrous orthopedics. We want the revolution towards footwear friendly footwear to be accessible. Therefore, we must be able to balance the viability of the business (with higher costs in the absence of standardization and being pioneers) with prices that are affordable for the majority. We believe that there is no real revolution if functional footwear is only accessible to a minority.

Are we alone in the galaxy or accompanied?

In the galaxy of minimalist or functional footwear we could say that there is life but far from the common of humans. There are more brands that make footwear that is respectful to our nature but, most cases, at stratospheric prices, this is, from another planet. In addition, almost none companies manufacture in Spain, only Camper Peu and some rebel craftsmen of laudable labor.

What if there is a beyond?

There is the possibility, with your help, of manufacturing footwear that is respectful of our nature, designed and manufactured in Spain, unisex, vegan, using recycled or natural materials whenever possible, trying to make this compatible with affordable prices. We do not think it makes much sense to make absolutely ecological footwear if the price shoots up and is only viable for a few. We seek to improve with your hand, all suggestions and opinions are welcome.

And if there is reincarnation?

IIf we get enough support in this first adventure, our mission is to expand our offer, improve in terms of sustainability, making the least a virtue. Even if it were possible for us, lower prices further to achieve greater diffusion. Leading the revolution towards footwear that respects our nature as human beings.